Printable Adoption Contract

PO Box 5026, Oak Ridge, TN 37831


This adoption agreement is entered into this date by and between Labrador Retriever Rescue of East Tennessee, Inc., hereinafter referred to as "LRRET,” and the applicant, _____________________________, hereinafter referred to as the "adopter,” for the adoption of ________________________.


1.  The adopter agrees to pay LRRET an adoption fee of $225.00, which is refundable within five (5) days, provided the adopter returns the living dog to an LRRET representative and releases LRRET of any further liability. When the 5-day trial adoption period has expired no refund will be made, but the option of choosing another dog will remain.

2.  The adopter agrees to provide the dog with a good and safe home with proper care and attention. The dog is not to ride loose in the back of vehicles. The dog is not to be chained, tied, or otherwise tethered or contained by hidden / invisible fences. The dog is not to be an outside pet. When the dog is outdoors, it shall be provided protection from the elements by a dry, insulated, draft-free house. It is further agreed that the dog shall be provided with shade from the sun and adequate food and water at all times. The dog is not to be allowed to roam unsupervised when fenced areas are not present. The dog is not to be left in a kennel or small pen for time spans exceeding a ten-hour period.

3.  The adopter agrees to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian at least once each year and will keep the dog’s vaccinations up to date. The dog must also be given monthly heartworm prevention.

4.  The adopter agrees to have the dog properly licensed each year and to keep an identification tag on him or her at all times.

5.  LRRET makes no warranties or statements regarding the dog’s health or temperament. It is agreed and understood by the adopter that while every effort is made to provide an accurate history and assessment of a dog, LRRET does not warrant a dog regarding medical status or behavior or disposition. It is further agreed that environmental changes may effect and change the temperament of the above named dog and that LRRET has no liability or responsibility of any nature regarding later defects with the dog or injuries or damage to any person or property that may be caused by the dog. The adopter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless LRRET and its members or representatives against any and all claims of any injury or property damage to the adopter or anyone else.

6.  The adopter agrees not to engage in selling the dog to pet shops or supplying the dog for raffles, lotteries, auctions or laboratories. Should the adopter at any time be unable to keep or care for the dog, the adopter shall contact and return the dog to the LRRET representative who placed the dog or any LRRET representative. No refund will be given after 5 days. The dog may not be transferred to another owner without the expressed consent of LRRET. LRRET reserves all rights in reclaiming the dog should we find the adoptive home to be unfit for any reason and by violation of the agreed upon contract.

7.  The adopter agrees to not violate any federal, state or local laws or ordinances with the dog.

8.  This agreement shall be binding upon the adopter and LRRET and their successors or beneficiaries.

9.  In the event this contract is breached by the adopter, it is agreed the adopter shall pay $200.00 as damages. Payment of these damages shall not excuse the adopter from returning the dog to LRRET and does not include court costs or attorney’s fees as set forth.

10.  In the event that LRRET employs an attorney by LRRET because of a violation of this agreement, it is agreed the adopter shall pay the attorney’s fees and court costs that may be deemed reasonably necessary.

11.  There will be a $30.00 fee for all returned checks.

I/We, _____________________________________________, have read and understand the terms and conditions listed above and agree to abide by the conditions as set forth.

Adopter(s) (signed) ___________________________________________
Date ____________________________________
LRRET Representative (signed) _________________________________
Date ____________________________________

Dog’s name and description __________________________________________________________________________________
Shelter ID# ___________________________                                Lab Rescue Tag # ______________
Microchip Brand/ID# ______________________________________________________________________

Rabies Certificate # ________________________