Labrador Retriever Rescue of East Tennessee
PO Box 5026
Oak Ridge, Tennessee  37831 

                Intake Profile - PLEASE INCLUDE PICTURE!!

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If you are in immediate need of help you will need to contact the shelter or another rescue group.

Intake Profile – Please Include Picture(s)

Dog’s Name _________________________ AGE _______ D.O.B. ____________

Owner’s Name(s) ___________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________ State ______________ Zip ____________________
Phone Number(s) ___________________________________________________________
E-mail Contact(s) ____________________________________________________________

Sex __________ Spayed/Neutered ___________ Color ___________ Weight __________
Any distinguishing marks? _____________________________________________________
Are registered papers available? ________________________________________________
Name of veterinarian ________________________ Phone Number ____________________
Date of Last Vaccinations:      DHLPP ________________ Rabies ___________________
Heartworm check _______________ Heartworm Preventive _______________
What brand of dog food fed ____________________________________________________
How many times daily? ___________ What time? ___________ How much? ____________
Where does the dog sleep? __________________________________________________
Where does the dog stay during the day? _______________________________________

Does your dog                      Y          N                     Is your dog                           Y          N
like to ride in cars                    Y          N                     afraid of storms                     Y          N
like to swim                             Y          N                     used to children                    Y          N
jump fences                            Y          N                     good with children                Y          N
dig                                          Y          N                     good with cats                      Y          N
let you take toys away            Y          N                     good with dogs                      Y          N
chase cars                              Y          N                     used to being groomed           Y          N
urinate when scared               Y          N                     used to being walked              Y          N
come when called                   Y          N                     crate trained                            Y          N
growl at strangers                   Y          N                     obedience trained                   Y          N

What commands does s/he know? ___________________________________________

Has the dog ever growled at or bitten anyone? Explain ____________________________

What does the dog like/dislike? ________________________________________________

What are his/her best qualities? ________________________________________________

What are his/her worst qualities? _______________________________________________

Any other information that will be helpful for the new family __________________________

Why are you giving the dog up? ______________________________________________


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